Colenso Society

The Colenso Society was formed by 25 individuals and was incorporated 30 March 2010.

Its objects are stated in its Rules of Incorporation:

(a) to promote the study of the life and work of the Reverend William Colenso FLS FRS,

(b) in particular tomark the bicentennial of his birth (17 November 2011) appropriately,

(c) to improve access to Colenso's work by digitising and/or transcribing it and making it accessible on the internet as "The Colenso Project",

(d) to assist Colenso scholars in applying for grants,

(e) to affiliate with appropriate other bodies with similar objects,

(f) to engage in any appropriate activity relevant to these objects.


Current activities include the publication of a monthly electronic newsletter (eColenso), and partnership with the Hawke’s Bay Museum & Art Gallery and Victoria University of Wellington, for The Colenso Project. To that end members of the Society are transcribing Colenso’s unpublished work. The Society also fields questions from Colenso scholars.

Officers of the Colenso Society

Convenor: Ian St George

Secretary: Peter Wells

Treasurer: Gordon Sylvester


The Society is a non-profit body and membership is open to any person.

The membership subscription for the 2011/12 year is $20

Payments can be made my cheque (made out to The Colenso Society Inc), or by bank direct debit.

To join, or for membership enquiries please contact Gordon Sylvester