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The Hungry Heart: Journeys with William Colenso
by Peter Wells

A fresh contemporary look at an enigmatic historical figure. William Colenso is best known today as a printer, missionary, explorer and botanist, but Wells lifts the veil on a complex individual who very early on bonded with his ‘adopted country’ and enriched our culture immeasurably with his individual take on things.

‘In many ways, Colenso is best seen as a maverick figure, a dissident, a stirrer who believed in the importance of the individual conscience.’ ‘One of the pleasures of writing this book which takes the form of a biographical journey was experiencing the vitality of the 19th century, when essentially everyone was inventing what New Zealand was and could be.’

It is timely now, 200 years after Colenso’s birth, to look back at his achievement. Colenso was one of the inventors of New Zealand and this book looks at him in the round as a thinker, a sexual being, an eyewitness and a compulsive collector of everything from words, hair, experiences, botanical specimens to memory itself.

'In William Colenso we have a grand love affair - with place - with the essence of what we call today Aotearoa New Zealand.’

Colenso’s Collections
ed. Ian St George
(NZ Native Orchid Group, 2009)

a poem by Rev Leicester Kyle
(Colenso Society, 2011)

Give Your Thoughts Life
by Ian St George
(Otago University Press, 2011)

New edition of Bagnall and Petersen’s William Colenso: his life and journeys
ed. Ian St George
(Otago University Press, 2011)

Colenso’s published papers
ed. Ian St George
(Otago University Press, 2011)

Other publications

Dr Dianne Bardsley
In the Paddock and On the Run: The Language of Rural New Zealand. (Universityof Otago Press, 2009)
The Land Girls: In a Man’s World 1939-1946. (University of Otago Press, 2000)

Dr James Braund
Ferdinand Hochstetter and the Contribution of German-Speaking Scientists to New Zealand Natural History in the Nineteenth Century (ed.) in progress

Professor Sarah Carter
The Importance of Being Monogamous: Marriage and Nation Building in Western Canada (Athabasca University Press, 2008)Aboriginal People and Colonizers of Western Canada (University of Toronto Press, 1999, 2004)
Capturing Women: The Manipulation of Cultural Imagery in Canada’s Prairie West (McGill, 1997, 2004)
Lost Harvests: Prairie Indian Reserve Farmers and Government Policy. (McGill-Queen’s Press, 1990, 1993, 1999)

Dr Jim Endersby
A Place for Everything: how science and empire ordered the world (under contract with Atlantic Books UK, and Metropolitan Books US) in progress
Orchid (Reaktion Books), in progress
New scholarly edition of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species (Cambridge University Press, May 2009)
Imperial Nature: Joseph Hooker and the practices of Victorian science (University of Chicago Press, 2008)
A Guinea Pig’s History of Biology: the animals and plants who taught us the facts of life (William Heinemann and Harvard University Press 2007/8)

Douglas Lloyd Jenkins
With Lucy Hammonds and Claire Regnault The Dress Circle: New Zealand Fashion Design since 1940 (Random House, 2010)New Dreamland: Writing NZ Architecture (ed.) (Random House, 2006)
40 Legends of New Zealand Design (Random House, 2006)
At Home: A Century of New Zealand Design (Random House, 2004)

Professor Kay Morris Matthews
In their own right: Women and higher education in New Zealand before 1945. (NZCER Press, 2008)

Keith Newman
Bible & Treaty: Missionaries Among the Maori – a new perspective (Penguin, 2010)
Ratana: the Prophet (Penguin, 2009)
Connecting the Clouds (Activity Press, 2008)
Ratana Revisited (Raupo Publishing (NZ Ltd), 2006)

Stuart Webster
Sainsbury, Logan & Williams: A Firm History (2011)

Peter Wells
Sparrow on a Rooftop (Random House, 2011) in progress
The Hungry Heart: Journeys with William Colenso (Vintage, 2011)
Lucky Bastard (Vintage, 2007)
Iridescence (Vintage, 2003)
Long Loop Home (Vintage, 2001)
The Duration of a Kiss (1994)
Dangerous Desires (1991)

Professor Lydia Wevers
Reading on the Farm Victorian Fiction and the Colonial World (2010)
Country of Writing Travel Writing and New Zealand 1809-1900 (2002)

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